About our School e-Portals

We have added a digitized approach to the ways people (staff, students, parents, public) can relate with the school, carry out their tasks/functions and perform various other operations as relating to the school. People can now interact more conveniently with the school from the comfort of anywhere through our online interfaces.

Members of the public can get ample information about the school from our school website. People can also send their inquiries online and get responses via emails as soon as possible.
Parents, Students and Staff members can also leverage our online portals to perform various operations.

Parents Portal

Our Online Parents Portal enables parents and guardians to conveniently have:

  • access to their wards' fees information.
  • access to make fees payments online for their wards.
  • access to their wards' results and performance reports.
  • access to their wards' attendance and other records.
  • access to communicate better with their wards' teachers.
  • access to apply and pay for their wards' hostel allocations.
  • access to apply and pay for their wards' transport (school bus) subscriptions.
  • access to receive important announcements and updates via e-mail and/or SMS.
  • direct access to news and announcements, and more..
  • Thus, every parent/guardian is required to have a portal account on the school portal and be in possession of the account login details so as to be able to follow up with their wards' school activities.

    I am a parent. How do I get my Portal Account?

    Your Parent Portal Account is created either:
    When your child/ward is being registered on the portal at the school ICT unit, having returned the Parent Information Form duly completed by you, providing a valid email address of yours. OR
    When the online admission application of your child/ward is being approved, having completed the parent/guardian information section of the online form, providing a valid email address of yours.
    Either way, your parent portal account details are sent to you via email once created.

    If you do not have a parent portal account yet and your child/ward is currently a registered student in our school, please click on the CONTACT US menu and send a message, including your child/ward's name and class.

    Students Portal

    Our Students Portal gives our registered students access to various resources and operations, including:

  • access to lesson notes and other learning and study resources.
  • access to class assignemts, home works and projects.
  • access to collaborative learning even after the classroom.
  • access to hands-on practice of computer-based tests/examinations.
  • access to apply and pay for hostel allocations.
  • access to apply and pay for transport (school bus) subscriptions.
  • access to pay fees, check results, submit applications, news and announcements, class timetable, etc.

  • Staff Portal

    Our teachers and other staff members are now equipped with digital tools to enable them carry out their functions more efficiently and conveniently, geared towards achieving more productivity and general academic excellence; and also to facilitate better communication with their students' parents/guardians.